Company Philosophy

Our mission at Mount Hood Gardens is to create comfortable, sustainable gardens of artistic excellence and highest quality for you, our clients. Professionally designed gardens provide beauty, year-round interest, and enjoyment. They harmonize with and enhance your home and its surroundings.  Warm, dry summers and pleasant, long autumns encourage the creation of generous outdoor living spaces surrounded by colorful plantings.  They form a connection with indoor rooms and invite you to experience and explore your garden.  


Long, warm autumns allow for an extended outdoor season in the Gorge

Imagine a large, curving patio enhancing a gorgeous view. Or a private, cozy nook you can retreat to with a good book. How about a sunny morning patio where you can enjoy your coffee? Gardens can improve your quality of life, add to your wellbeing and expand your living space. Balanced gardens stimulate and inspire the senses, inducing happiness and serenity. They can provide an escape from the complexities of people’s outside lives.

Garden design is more than decorating with a variety of plants. At Mount Hood Gardens, we strive to create gardens that are aesthetically pleasing, but also enrich the environment. Plants are combined to form habitats or plant communities, resulting in a landscape that fits the needs of its owners, while respecting the site and its surroundings. Your garden is a living ecosystem. Choosing the right plants and applying sound, organic horticultural practices result in long-lasting, low-maintenance gardens over time. We believe in using organic methods and conservative water use. A properly installed garden, through careful soil preparation and use of hardy, acclimated plants, will continue to improve, mature and delight for many years to come.


Fall landscape at Willow Ponds, a sustainable residential development in Hood River, Oregon

Over twenty-five years of experience in the landscape design/build profession has allowed us to design and build more than two hundred residential, commercial, and small public gardens in the Mid-Columbia region and Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. We take pride in exceptional client satisfaction and long-lasting relationships. Our goal is to make working with our company a thoroughly pleasant, enjoyable experience, while we assist you in establishing your garden paradise.