Mount Hood Gardens Monthly Newsletter • MARCH / APRIL 2023

Welcome to the Mount Hood Gardens website and Happy Spring! Thank you for visiting and being interested in our landscape services. We are a full-service landscape design/build firm, with our own crew and stonemasons. In addition, we work with trusted subcontractors on excavation, irrigation and carpentry.

Our website aims to provide you with an enjoyable journey through the many diverse gardens and landscapes we have designed and installed over the past three plus decades. Successful landscapes have a strong, underlying structure, and are composed of harmonious plant communities with year-round, seasonally changing interest.

What a long, extended winter it has been! Today graced us with sunshine and a little warmer temperatures. The spring bulbs are emerging and starting to show yearned-for color. We are getting in copious plants for our upcoming installations, pre-ordered during the winter. They will be hardened off in our on-site nursery, then pruned and groomed for our projects.

Spring will be here in earnest very soon. Already, it feels like the “flood gates” have opened, and clients and gardeners are eager to be out in their gardens again. We perform our detailed spring maintenance for a select group of clients, including horticultural pruning. However, most of our focus is on old-world stonework and other hardscape tasks, and plantings with all season interest. We employ organic methods throughout.

We welcome your comments and would love to hear from you

Warm regards,

Marion McNew