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 Marion McNew surrounded by the company’s extensive stock beds

Marion McNew surrounded by the company’s extensive stock beds

Mount Hood Gardens has been designing and building quality residential, commercial and public gardens for over twenty-five years, with a focus on employing sustainable, organic methods and materials. To view examples of their projects, please visit the Portfolio section.

Marion describes her award-winning, signature landscape design style as Pacific Northwest mixed with European elements. Her interest in gardening and design started early on, and she began her formal horticulture studies in her native Germany in 1978. This background culminated in the company’s motto “Landscaping with a European Flair”.

Our design repertoire spans many different and diverse landscape styles, including an informal, naturalistic style ideally suited to the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, as well as Contemplative/Asian, Mediterranean, English Mixed Border, Woodland, and Rock Gardens.  Edible gardens are beneficial and rewarding, and are becoming increasingly popular.  We also perform garden makeovers and Rejuvenations.  Please visit our Residential Portfolio Section for photos and detailed information.


Mount Hood Gardens creates and completes gardens starting with the design phase all the way to the finished project.  Please refer to the Services – Design and Installation pages for further information.  We also offer maintenance services for gardens we have installed.  Mount Hood Gardens grows and propagates a large percentage of the plants for its landscape installations in its own growing facility, resulting in hardy, acclimated plants of excellent quality.

The wonderful Mount Hood Gardens installation crew<br /> Photography by Susan Ballier

The wonderful Mount Hood Gardens installation crew
Photography by Susan Ballier

Jeanne and Bettina in the company's nursery.

Jeanne and Bettina in the company’s nursery


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