Mount Hood Gardens Monthly Newsletter • January 2019

Welcome to the Mount Hood Gardens website! We aim to provide you with an enjoyable journey through the many diverse gardens and landscapes we have designed and installed over the past three decades. In the portfolio section, particularly under Residential Gardens, you can view the different garden styles and range of award-winning gardens in our repertoire. It is our intent to show you diverse examples of sound landscape design, and provide you with ideas for your own garden, to create your future garden sanctuary. Successful landscapes have a strong, underlying structure, and are composed of harmonious plant communities with year-round, seasonally changing interest.


Winter is here and the air has turned frigid. Mt. Hood has recently received copious amounts of snow, and is once again a winter paradise. Here at Mount Hood Gardens, things are blissfully quiet, although we are in the midst of stone masonry work for several of our gardens and clients. Planning for Spring of 2019 has begun, always several months ahead of the actual start of the gardening and planting season.

We already have a rather full schedule for spring installations, along with a list of skilled spring maintenance we perform for a number of our clients. This always keeps us hopping, therefore we relish the current quiet months.

The Holidays season has come and gone. We hope it was a peaceful one for you, and wish you a healthy, successful and balanced New Year!

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Warm regards,

Marion McNew


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