Mount Hood Gardens Monthly Newsletter • OCTOBER 2017

Welcome to the Mount Hood Gardens website! May you have an enjoyable journey exploring our website, and share our excitement about the possibilities of sound landscape design. In the portfolio section, under Residential Gardens, you will be able to view the different garden styles and range of award-winning gardens we have created over the last few decades. We endeavor to have these diverse examples provide you with ideas for your own garden, and be an inspiration for your future garden sanctuary.

After an extremely hot summer, the Eagle Creek Fire in the Columbia River Gorge started on September 2nd and spread with dizzying speed. Getting close to both East Portland and Hood River, it caused a wave a fear and pending & real evacuations. Unseasonably early fall rains the third week of September put enough of a damper on the fire to aid in containment, although the 48,000+ acres of forestland are still smoldering!

This past week we finally have been fortunate to experience our famously balmy autumn weather. We are furiously planting our projects, hoping to complete them all before winter sets in.

Autumn is a perfect time of year for planting in the Gorge. The soil is still warm, and paired with cooling temperatures and the onset of fall rains, plants can root in and start becoming established before winter. Then nature takes charge, and the new plants will not need any further care until mid-spring.

Enjoy the magical light and remaining sunshine of autumn. We wish you ample opportunity to do just that!

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Warm regards,

Marion McNew


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