Mount Hood Gardens Monthly Newsletter • JUNE 2019

Welcome to the Mount Hood Gardens website! We aim to provide you with an enjoyable journey through the many diverse gardens and landscapes we have designed and installed over the past three decades. In the portfolio section, particularly under Residential Gardens, you can view the different garden styles and range of award-winning gardens in our repertoire. It is our intent to show you diverse examples of sound landscape design, and provide you with ideas for your own garden, to create your future garden sanctuary. Successful landscapes have a strong, underlying structure, and are composed of harmonious plant communities with year-round, seasonally changing interest.

Where did spring go? We had our first taste of hot summer weather these past few days. July is not too far away …  With the late start of spring this year, it seems we have not had a chance to catch our breath. After taking care of the spring maintenance for a diverse array of client gardens, we switched to plant installations and hardscape. Two of our projects are rather large, one of them a small private park-like garden inspired by the Toronto Music Garden. The other one is a secluded woodland site, with copious, delightful shade and a peaceful, contemplative feeling. Always fun to branch out and stretch our abilities and palette.

Wishing you a wonderful summer with time to sit outside in the evenings and enjoy the sunsets and balmy night air!

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Warm regards,

Marion McNew


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