Mount Hood Gardens Monthly Newsletter • APRIL 2021

Welcome to the Mount Hood Gardens website! We aim to provide you with an enjoyable journey through the many diverse gardens and landscapes we have designed and installed over the past more than three decades. Successful landscapes have a strong, underlying structure, and are composed of harmonious plant communities with year-round, seasonally changing interest.

Spring is mostly here, although we are still experiencing rather chilly days, with pleasant, warm ones sprinkled in. With such lively construction activity in Hood River, and strong demand for landscaping, we are continuing to reduce our maintenance department, and concentrate on landscape installations. We have numerous projects for this year, and are solidly booked. A Mediterranean-style landscape with old-world stonework and a distinctly Italian flair, as well as naturalistic plantings and a woodland garden, are among our projects.

The pandemic has brought the focus back to actively living at home, and entertaining outdoors, in the process enhancing our homes and surroundings.

Enjoy spring time, and remain safe and in good health.

We welcome your comments and would love to hear from you

Warm regards,

Marion McNew


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